Trinity Creative Communications, Inc.


Trinity has experience with a broad range of independent, small and mid-size life, health and property casualty firms that market their advice and expertise to both business and consumer markets. Our work with the marketing and distribution sides of large carriers such as MetLife, Liberty Mutual and Lincoln Mutual, among many others, has provided the insight Trinity has gained to the unique needs of independent agencies. We have helped these firms objectively think through their target audience strategies, differentiate themselves and better align their message, media and business development efforts with profitable audiences.

Trinity has worked on numerous assignments for large national banks including State Street, Mellon and Wells Fargo, as well as with a number of local banks such as Boston Private Bank and Enterprise Bank in Lowell. Our breadth and depth of experience within the banking industry and, in particular, the research we've conducted over the last few years with both businesses and consumers on market segmentation strategies and client satisfaction has significantly informed our clients' marketing efforts.

Wealth Management
The opportunities for independent, client-centric wealth managers, investment advisors and financial planners are amazingly abundant since the financial crisis of 2008/2009. The marketing challenge for small and mid-sized firms face is to build awareness of, and consideration for, their expertise with target audiences who have been underserved by larger, better known wealth managers. Trinity's work with more than a dozen wealth management and investment advisory firms ranging from Bessemer and Glenmede to local firms such as Howland Capital Management and Enterprise Investment Advisors is a testament to both our deep understanding of the market and the dynamics which lead a client to change advisors.

The delivery and cost of healthcare, and the role providers, insurance companies and government play, are among the hottest topics in America today, and that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. Trinity has worked with Boston-area hospitals, HMO's and dental insurance companies and consultants. We appreciate the complexity and the confusion as well as the opportunity that exists in today's market place. There are no simple answers to the marketing and communication challenges the various players in healthcare face. However, an overall disciplined marketing process built upon objectively listening to both the rational and emotional perspective of different stakeholders can result in more effective and often lower cost marketing efforts.

As the cost of education continues to rise, whether it be for kindergarten or adult professional advancement, more and more intuitions and businesses that focus on this sector have come to realize the model is not sustainable. Diverse institutions such as the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Buckingham Browne and Nichols School and the Governor's Academy have looked to us for marketing advice and programs in branding, development, strategic partnerships and recruitment.

The role of technology and online education will help slow the rise or actually lower the cost and hopefully increase access to education. In the areas of financial services and healthcare, Trinity has worked with niche innovators in professional online education such as the Charter Alternative Investment Analyst Association and Fitzgerald Health Education Associates [Nursing} to bring quality and affordable education programs to professionals who seek to advance their careers. In both cases the number of participants and individuals passing tests to earn their professional designation has increased dramatically.

Professional Services
Much of the work that Trinity has done over the years within the broad areas of financial services and healthcare is relevant to other firms within the business professional service market. To differentiate themselves from the competition, any professional service firm, whether law, accounting or architectural firm, a financial advisor, an interior designer or a risk management consultancy, is ultimately dependent on the expertise of its people as well as the processes, culture and values within which they operate Over the years we have been able to provide marketing consulting and advice on positioning, messaging and target marketing plans to numerous small and mid-size professional service firms.

Talent and Staffing Industry
Trinity Marketing was formerly the internal marketing and communications department of New England Financial. Dan Logan built a case for outsourcing most of his department that resulted in cutting his former employer's human resource costs in marketing and communications by 50 percent. As a stand alone independent partner with his former employer, Dan was also able to dramatically increase the quality and range of services by using talented, flexible creative resources.

Dan's personal experience in outsourcing and talent management, combined with a deep understanding of the financial and healthcare professional industries over the years, led to Trinity's expertise in marketing consulting and research within the fast changing talent and staffing industry. Trinity has worked with local clients such as J.R. Scott and organizations such as Randstad, the #2 global staffing company on a broad mix of marketing initiatives.

Most knowledgeable people within the non-profit world agree that there are too many small and mid-sized non-profits with similar missions doing redundant work in programs, fund raising and marketing. At the same time, the discipline of marketing suggests products and services most often succeed when there is differentiation and a distinct and relevant need in the marketplace. Since its inception, Trinity has worked more than 50 non-profits, many of them in the field of human services. Clients over the years have included brands such as Jane Doe, Junior Achievement and YWCA, as well as BCCJ (Boston Center for Community and Justice), Lovelane, a special needs horseback riding program, and Door-to-Door Transportation. Our role, as the objective marketing consultant, has been to help all these institutions better define their message and their audience and to make sure that their stakeholders understand their mission and that they serve a unique need in the sector.